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How To Grow In Faith

The Next Steps

Enjoy the Christian life of faith and hope in the Lord!  Below are four areas we strongly recommend to help you in your spiritual walk. We pray that the Holy Spirit will lead you into all truth as you navigate through this life.  We bless you as you begin to walk in the purposeful, destiny-filled life God has for you!

Step 1
Daily Bible Reading:

Set aside time each day to read and learn scripture. Invite the Holy Spirit to speak to your heart as you read God's Word.  As you build yourself up in the Word of God daily you will be encouraged and drawn to truth in all aspects of life. 


Step 2
Daily Prayer & Conversation with God:

Set aside time each day to talk with Jesus.  Talking with God doesn't always mean coming to him with a list.  Just be yourself and talk to him like you would talk to anyone. He’s real and he's always there for you no matter what and no matter where you are.  He loves when you talk with Him.  Jesus is the Prince of Peace so, as you pray, ask God to show you His peace in all things that you do. You will be surprised on how God may speak to you.

Step 3
Find a Church fellowship:

Iron sharpens iron, so it's really important to be a part of a local church gathering. God will bless you and use you to bless others as well.
For those of you who live in the United Arab Emirates, we suggest you to visit our  church . We trust and believe the Holy Spirit will lead you to the right church as well.


Step 4
Stay Connected:

Whether you have been a Christian for years or you are a new Christian, it's really important to have other believers around you as you grow in your spiritual walk with the Lord.  The great thing about the body of Christ is that there are believers all around the world for you to connect with.  We believe that God will surround you with great people that you can fellowship with as you grow in your walk with God.

 You can  be apart of our church as well. 

Contact us for more details-


We hope and pray that you have been encouraged today and that you will be blessed as you continue to walk with the Lord.  


God bless you always

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