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More About Pastor Francis & Family

Ps- Francis Family.jpg

Pastor. FRANCIS was born in Bangalore to a Roman Catholic Family, His parents had twelve children and he is the Eighth Son. As it’s mentioned in Deute 32:10

In a Desert land he found him….. He came to Dubai seeking Job, but he found his savior through a message he heard through audio cassette and he was healed of his Stammering problem which he had been suffering from birth. Noticing a change in his life, there was a revival in his house and six of his brothers & sisters accepted Christ.  He moved to Saudi Arabia for work, God used him to lead many to Christ and was appointed as a Deacon of the church in Saudi. As per Lords guidance he moved to Dubai where his wife Esther joined him, thereafter God blessed him with three kids Joash, Juan and Jerusha.

In the year 2006 he was ordained as pastor encouraging believers to stand firm in Christ. Presently working as Engineer in an Electronic company and also involved in church ministry of Middle East Revival Church.

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