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More About Pastor Anish Thomas & family


As the first born of the two children of Mrs. Rebecca Thomas and Mr. Zachariah Thomas, Pr. Anish K Thomas, had great affinity towards spiritual matters from an early age. His father is from Kizhakkethalackal family, Chengannur and Mother from Nellimmottil family, Adoor. His sister lives with her family in Sharjah.

Though he was born in a very conservative orthodox Christian family, Pr. Anish was open to seek the truth, wherever it came from. His mother attended evangelical meetings regularly. At the age of 12, he responded to the first ever altar call of his life and accepted Jesus Christ as the Lord and Saviour of his life. It was not easy to pursue a different faith system, but his mother persevered to follow the truth that she came to know. At the age of 20, he was baptised at the AG Church in Kothamangalam, where he was pursuing the bachelor degree in civil engineering. He came to UAE in the year 1997 and has been engaged the construction industry there eversince. He married Mrs. Bindu Anna Thomas in 2002.He is a devout husband and father of three, Abel, Abigail and Abraham. His wife takes care of the household duties while helping him with the ministry and the children are studying in a school in Dubai.

In 2010, he was ordained as a pastor. He has a master degree in theology from Life Christian University in Tampa, Florida. He is currently serving as a teacher in the outstation campus of the University in Dubai.

Pr. Anish believes in the universality of the body of Christ, which is the Church. He believes that as parts or cells in the Lord's body, every church has a function ordained by the Lord. As a pastor his mission is to ensure that the church in which he ministers functions efficiently to fulfill the will of the Lord concerning that Church. As a teacher, he aspires to establish the principles of God's Kingdom, expound the mysteries of the Word and explain the practical ways to follow God's will. As an evangelist, his goal is to light the revival fire in the Middle East in these end times. As a leader his vision is to see multitudes joining hands to achieve these objectives according to good pleasure of God's will.

Pr. Anish now lives in Dubai and can be reached through one of the church contact details.

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